Helping All Through the Treasurer’s Office

This office not only requires a tested leader, but a leader with compassion who truly understands the needs of Rhode Islanders across our state. I know those struggles because I lived them growing up in Rhode Island.

Financial Empowerment

A Treasurer who takes an active stake in the financial health of all Rhode Islanders can help break generational poverty. That is why I plan to implement financial empowerment workshops across our state to help break generational poverty and foster a more resilient and inclusive economy.

Managing the Pension Fund

Today, Rhode Islanders are feeling the pinch of inflation and are worried about their financial future. That is why we have to turn to someone that has been there and led in the worst of times. James has, and has a plan.

Investing in Our Schools

An investment in education is an investment in our future. As Treasurer, James will expand funding for school construction and modernization so our children, and our teachers, have access to facilities that are comfortable and safe.

Climate Change

In Rhode Island, the ocean is part of our identity and our everyday lives. Because of that, we will be among the first to feel the negative effects of climate change. James delivered for the climate in Central Falls, and will continue to do so as Treasurer.

Shareholder Advocacy (GVP)

As Treasurer, James will fight for common sense gun reform to ensure our communities, our families, and most importantly our children are safe.